Welcome to the home of the future, at least that is what I keep telling my wife. She has been reticent to take full advantage of any technology I bring into the home, but in the last few weeks since these switches have been installed I have caught her secretly summoning Siri to turn out the lights.

It really is a great technology, probably one of the my favorite and most functional items to date. at over $50  pop though I have discovered not every room needs to have a connected dimmer switch. In the last couple of weeks I have been installing the Lutron motion switches for bathrooms and closets.

used in this installation

Lutron PD-6WCL-WH Caseta Wireless 600/150-Watt Single Pole In-Wall Dimmer, White

Lutron P-BDG-PKG2W Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting In-Wall Dimmer Kit, HomeKit-enabled